A condominium (or condo) is a building complex containing a number of individually owned apartments (or units) with shared facilities. By owning an apartment in a condominium, a person has access to the common facilities. The shared use of these facilities is legally guaranteed as part of the property; they share ownership of these areas. Such facilities may include hallways, fitness facilities, swimming pool, meeting/party room and gardens. Different types of condominiums exit such as: 1-storey to 3-storey units, townhouses and lofts.

Some condominium lofts known has hard lofts have been converted from former commercial/warehouse buildings to feature high-ceilings, exposed bricks and venting. Some hard lofts include an upper open space area or multi-leveled. Condominiums are managed by a board of directors, which oversee the shared facilities and common elements. The board is elected by the owners of the units.